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02 May, 2013

A Tag

Hi friends
             Subscribed mail from shruti-my blogger friend , I got this amazing A TAG on her blog . I too got inspired to write about . So here is what I have form my past years to present .
20 years ago I . . 
1-was in last year of graduation and planning for my future
2-on cloud nine becoz - i am jiwaji university topper
3-decided to do interior designing from mumbai(left for wonderfull event of life -marriage)

10 years ago...
1-always found myself in mess with my cutie pies
2-discovered my daughter is amazing singer along with born dancer
3-dealing every day with side effects of thyroid

5 years ago.....
1-normal happy life with family
2-decide to send my daughter to hostel ,seeing her talent
3-convinced my family to send her hostel was my achievement

3 years ago.....
1-more of travelling to doctors to delhi with FIL and HUBBY
2-left orkut joined FB,farmville mania
3-started blogging with my hindi poems-discovered new world of paper crafting.

1 year ago.....
1-nothing gud after loss of dear FIL.and many sorrow full thing (dun wanna write)
2-doing paper crafting which started before 
3-decided to change school of my son

this year....
1-nothing so new as housewife,slow at paper crafting
2-got DT position at some blogs-happieee
3-happy at selection of subject by daughter,she is in 11 now

1-enjoyed friends kitty party
2-planned games for my kitty
3-planning how to spend huge amount that i will get from my kitty...hehehe

1-will decorate kitty diary
2-household works
3-spend time with family and daughter as usual

tomorrow i will....
1-start day with maha mantra as i do daily
2-kitty planning 
3-more i dunn know

next year.........(writing this... i got to know,for very first time ,that in my life i have got good things which i did'nt planned or thought ...and lost more all what i planned...but this will not make me pessimistic )
1-no planning --p:p:p:
2-spend all money of kitty lavishly ...but not in jwellery and craft stuff
3-will be living happy life with my loving family


  1. Great concept of a tag.Nice knowing these things about you.Interior decoration!Did you do it?

  2. Nice to know about you after these many years:) wish you a very good time ahead with your friends and family!:)
    You must spend such money lavishly....I don't go to any kitty party but I get some % of bonus of what Raj gets every year. We call it a splurge account for me and my daughter and generally spend on the things which we might have liked while shopping but didn't buy considering the value for money types. Enjoy:)