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11 December, 2012


          This was the project , which I say that I did specially for my hubby . He daily ask me do it and I have to do for him, and I love and enjoyed lot.My hubby was so happy, he instantly gave me 1000 bugs when I gave him this set.(with love , its not its price)
We are owner of glass bangles factory and glass items like Glass Votives ,Glass Tumblers, Glass Christmas Ornaments, and each and everything related to glass.
In our factory ,a new glass furnace was made .Office of my hubby is totally renovated , so he asked to make a desk calendar and note pad box for table . His office is of brown shade, so I decided stuff in the same combination .Added golden colour to add glamour to it.Soon  will post office pics too.
In this creation beside rings for calendar each and everything is reused.Brown pattern paper is from paper bag , golden paper and vellum sheets used from invitation cards and sweet box we get in return from marriage function . I wrote name of my factory "SARASWATI GLASS"on rear side of calendar , name is seen to clients and calendar to owner(hope you got).Also decorated , a Pen with flag -just for show (cannot be used)
Added vellum sheet to cover the month (actually I made month on both side of flap).Added Glass Bangles to ring ,as in this factory we manufracture  glass bangles,specially in  red colour. We are the biggest manufracturer of red glass bangles of every size (so who all wants to grab them),in our city.
Here is picture (due to golden you will see bright ness more.