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13 October, 2012


Hi friends ,I am very happy to post this tutorial on crafter's tech via my blog .Thanks Anita for such a great offer.Its my first tutorial.I was out of station and came back im morning .Made my tutorial.Hope you all will like .This is picture heavy post , so please have patience.
Supplies for rose flower making
-Spellbinder,Donna Salazar Rose creation die(from crafters corner)
Distress Ink(you can use any ,i used "vintage photo"on yellow flower ,but my pink flower is non distressed
Cardstock- any but should be slightly thick.
Scissor -to cut card stock to bigshot plate size.
Tweezer -to hold flower petals(from crafters corner)
Embossing tool-to emboss(from crafters corner)
Embossing pad-(from crafters corner)

I used pink colour card stock.Cut your card stock ,by ,bigshot or any die cutting machine .You will get these flower  .Die contains 6 flower set to cut .For making this rose ,I used 7 flower piece .You can cut 2 extra of any sizes ,except the smaller and larger one.

Now emboss flower of larger size,but on its rear side,so that you can get front embossed part looking on top.

In the same way emboss the smallest one.

Other 5 flowers ,you embossed with opposite side ,to get depth in flower.

Take the smallest petal.Look at the petals ,I marked.Fold the arrowed number 1 and 2 petal from middle .Keep in mind you have to leave middle of number 1 and number 2 petal

You will get this shape .Glue both petals to attach with each other .Hold with Tweezer for a while.
Then fold other 3 petals ,so you will get this bud shape.

Now take flowers piece ,bigger than we used to make bud .glue it in center and place your bud .it will get sticked.

Fold the flower slightly with hands ,to get this shape.

Place glue in center of other big size flower and place your prepared one, in middle,with alternate petal overlaping each other.

In the same manner continue adding all 5 flowers to get this shape flower,with alternate petal overlaping each other.

Now take the largest flower .With help of tweezer's holding portion ,twist petals downwards ,by rolling to give natural look of flower.Place glue in center and place whole flower you made with other 6 flower piece on this.(Keep in mind ,placing with petal alteration)

Flower is ready.

Flower is ready .Hope you all liked it.you can find video's of this flower making on youtube also.I learnt from youtube.
Complete gorgeous flower.You can view by other creation with this flower here and will found many more in coming days.