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13 December, 2011


hi friends,
               today i am going to present the quilled alphabet ''K''specially i made in night (10-1o'clock)for PRITESH'S CHALLENGE--

Quilled K - Challenge, actually i too love K,as pritesh do,becoz my daughter's nick name(love name)starts from letter K-KUTKUT.pritesh challenge blinked my eyes,because i got idea for making something again for her,as,her birthday falls on 30 december.n its coming(although, i previously prepared a b'day card for her....but we can give as much for our kids .right naa)

 i gave a look of cheerful girl to alphabet K(my daughter KUTKUT too is very cheerful........(.remembering her lot,she is coming on 23 dec.)
i know,a cute little girl from family KHUSHI(my sister in laws daughter)would take this away......love you

 a closer look,alphabet K ,i made of quilling,i tried new technique beehive,but i think due to expanded placement it gave look of swrils.but i liked the way it came out

 a closer look of face i created on alphabet K.quilled lovely face with two pony and a bow to tie them(lol).you can also see cute pearl necklace (my daughter's favorite colour)

 hand of K is holding beautiful quilled rose bouquet(she loves roses very much),
again closer look of beautiful face of alphabet K ........ahha ,here you can see a tiny little paper ribbon bow at waist of alphabet K,emblished with cute red stone(girls often like blinks) both the shoes in legs of alphabet K are also emblished with cute red stone(as, i said girls like blink)

 closer look of bouquet ,its made by 3mm strip of colours pink ,red ,dark pink.green stems,green punched leaves.

 ... a last thing to say.i know, this piece(i am saying it piece not decided it can be card,a tag,a wall piece,a frame , a table piece...depend on what girls would like.)may be taken away  by my sister in law's daughter saying BADI MUMMA ''mere liye banaya hai (her name also start from letter K-KHUSHI){just sharing personal feeling ,i will be very happy weather this piece is taken by KUTKUT or KHUSHI },both's  happy face will give me lot of