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10 February, 2012

ITS ME .......FOR YOU .............ALWAYS

Hi friends
              Here is the another card of day which i made yesterday but posting it today

Its simple cas card.Mehndi design i made on paper and then photo copied it.Lady face on circle is also handmade by me.Circle both red and white are handcut by me.Sentiments also hand written.
Hope you all will like it. By my point of view its indian traditional card.isn;t it.........
Thanks for viewing 


Hi friends
              Yesterday i made 3 cards ,but i posted only one on my blog .Truely speaking ,i am waiting for some challenge to cop with my card.Today from morning 12am., i made a new project or you can say creation. Its a bottle valentine card.Plz have a look at it.

Howwz that.......lovely naa .I liked it very much .My husband also like it too much.Here is some pics how i made it.
These are empty mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner .This we get in hotel rooms,and i am damn crazy for it. I use to pick them or ask extra from room service ...............hehehe.I have lot of collection .I removed its brand name paper and then covered half part of bottle with printed paper as first layer.Then on above it i placed crochet lace and above it i made bow with green satin ribbon and wrraped it around..At foot part of bottle i added golden strip.I used yellow heart sticker,swrils,pearls,satin ribbon,pearl flower,punched leaves,golden pearls .......You can see in picture .For making bottle cap, i first covered it with yellow paper and then wrapped it with white crochet lace.On top of cap i again placed tiny yellow heart.
I used this thin stick and yellow paper to make a scroll card to put in bottle .Hmmm i made two as i am making pair of bottles.Have a look at fully scorll card outside bottles.
All sentiments on both card handwritten.These scrolls roll and go inside bottle.
 On scorll ,i added golden thread with golden pearls ,so that one can easily pull out the scroll card.

Hope you will like it.thanks for giving a look