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22 September, 2012


Hi friends
This used to be glass vase and I changed to a show piece with photo in it.We are manufacturer of these types and many glass products ,so I found everytime lying here and there .Seeing contest on lulupu , I decided to change this vase into showpiece or you can make whatever you wish ,it can be decorated and gifted with some sweets and candies..This is project I started before my embroidery frame ,but took long time to decide by which to cover the vase , first I used foil ,but satisfaction comes end with this red jute piece.This is not completely my idea ,saw somewhere on net.Here are pics .Due to heavy wind on terrace,photo got disturbed..sorry

to see the stuff's used to decorate ,open view of vase
Material used---glass vase--from my factory
                           white silica sand --from my factory
                             rose flowers from lulupu
                              leaves -local market
                             beads and blings --local market
                             shells from my son's collection
                              red jute piece--local market
                              green jute thread(rafia)--malika kejeriwal