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26 March, 2013

A new scarp page-for teeny boy

Today sharing my new scarp page , I made on demand of my son .Children are colour of one life.Love to do creative work for them,but,Always find difficult to do boy/masculine page/creation ...........but this one I am very proud of in this scrap page ,I tried to in co-operate all the things my son does,likes and loves.Lot to say about this page ,will edit in free time ...busy due to HOLI festival.

many stuff from his old toys and old retiered board games
loves cricket,wearing watch,playing marbles,collecting magnets
loves collecting mini cars(did'nt gave me the tinniest to use here )so i used car sticker.Keep eye on dad's bike and scooter but not allowed to ride.
he is "all rounder,intelligent,smart,sporty,obedient,studious,and yess very naughty" ..but i love him too much.
always we all know "boys and hteir toys"---no body can involve with them.
I made gold medal with A+,sticked on it of glitter foam sheet.Gold medal upcycled from shirt tag(it was attached in tag)
pasionate dancer...loves dancing -two steps here on dance floor'arrow "showing other step.plastic heart piece from daughter hair klip,silver stone M from key chain representing his name "manan'
three golden eyelets heat embossed with ranger black embossing powder,chains are from my old earing -tied together-he loves accessories on belt ....so goes well.whole 12*12 layout surrounded by  border of  2cm embossed strip.
always find money in his pocket ,he is big boy and smart .i use to send him near by market to bring this or that ,whenevr we go to mall..he will keep money in his pocket and then love expending for all of us....so always money in his pocket (positively he always give me detail of all money spended-i am very strict at this ...not a penny is wasted)
Lastly i used two paint pearl white and black,brick template,embossed paper,pattern papers,stamped words are self made stamped,corrugated grey sheet.
There is lot of work on this page ,so feel free to ask ...may be i missed explaining some.

Submitting for -The colour room


  1. you are so creative, very good, submit it to lessology also which has tools challenge,dont know if it is still there.check it.

  2. Its an amazing LO Megha ...You have used all the embellies so well to create this theme so perfect for a boy and I totally agree with Kavitha ...Submit your entry for Lessology its perfect for their theme :)

  3. Whoa! Love the movement with the cut-out pics! And how cool with all the little masculine embellies! :)

    Thanks for joining us at LESSology!

  4. Excellent page...I love how you used all those little embellies & trinkets to represent things your son enjoys or defines him. Fabulous work & excellent take on the challenge. Thanks for joining us at Berry71Bleu!

  5. Wonderful! Your page is great. I love using little bits of ephemera that have meaning on my pages too! Great that you could play with us at TCR too!

  6. Soooooooo fun!! I love this!! Thanks so much for playing along with LESSology!!