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27 February, 2015

BEST OF LUCK card for board exams

Hi friends
              Today I am sharing card , which I made for my daughter.She is in 12 class and stays at hostel .She needs moral support , so I am sending best of luck card for her .I live in joint family so all family members wishes are written inside card (see inner flap).For making card , I took inspiration from different challenge blogs .
Here are challenge ,I looked for --lulupu-the craft lounge  (I used word sweetly in sentiment and sticked chocolate to daughter , as she stays in hostel-sending some sweet love for her.Used light pink pp,pink flower, pink inner flap,red jute,pink heart)

                                                     beyond grey challenge (I used,cycle ,window, colours, butterflies,lace,heart,flowers, from photo given as inspiration .Stamped butterflies.Hand written sentiment )My interpretation from mood board is little different,because of board exams of my daughter -I am always think for her success in exams , so whole my thoughts picked same from pic.cycle gave me thought -ride /road to success.window -world opened to my daughter after 12you can see worlp print paper below,as 1 layer of card).butterflies ,gave thought she will free to explore,colours from flowers,small handwitten sentiment card inspired from small note card on table ,heart i placed to show love to my daughter from all family members.-inspired from donuts and hearts ,lace i added to add beauty to card,I took  yellow base below cycle to show brighten path ,inspired by candles .flowers are as it is used to add beauty to card.
                                                      lessology-(Used clock and recycled stuff is chain from old necklace , which is connected from cycle to clock -connected both to leave messege to my daughter , that she have to cope with time to achieve success)

Here is my card

IBSIC #91(inspired by colours)

                                                                  frosted design (pink big flower , small purple and red are handmade flowers, chain is recycled material -its from old necklace)