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21 June, 2012


Hey friends ,I know this is not good news to share ,but I need all your blessing and good wishes for fast recovery.My hubby,my son,myself,our driver ,we all were coming back from gurgaon on 17 from yamuna express way highway.When we were just 15 km away from our home  town ,we got accident.what happened?This express way is not allowed officially ,but they provide VIP passes to some peoples ,so we have that and we managed to travel on that highway.Unfortunate thing was due to no light on one part of road ,we were not able to see barrier they kept on road,road was totally empty,we were on speed of 140-150 and we got severe hit on concrete wall made by them.Our car was accord,and car saved our lives destroying herself badlly and totally ,nothing left in car,our breath was only there..Car saved our lives becoz as we were close to home town seat belt was opened and its great fortune of ours that without seat belt car baloons got opened and my hubby got less injury on face,but hairline fracture on ribs and back bone ,he is also on complete bed rest, ,,my son got hairline fracture on pelvic bone,as that place cannot be palsterd.He is on complete bed rest,driver got fracture in hand ,he is plated and plaster on hand..My condition is most critical ,but then also god gave me whole strength that time of accident ,I pulled out my son out of car ,he was going unconcious,I took out driver,I tried to took out my hubby ,but failed ,becoz he was sticked in between seat and sterring,gods knows how he managed to come out ,I tried lot to pull seat back,but I failed ,I felt crying ,but I was worried about son ,I went back to son and did'nt allowed him to be unconsious,I kept him awaken again n again,wether I too was feeling unconsious,but god gave me power,THANK GOD.Now ,I can walk ,sit ,my hands can work with help of pain killer injection,but I got 2 fracture on my jaw.I got operated for 5 and half hours on 18,my all teeth and jaws are binded with wires ,I cant open my mouth nor I can talk and its all for 21 days .I will be free by this wires on 9 of july,till then I am on complete liquid diet........good thing ,I will definately loose weight .......RIGHT.My hands are working , I am curious to craft ,but no one allowing ,as I have injury on tail end of hips ,so can't sit for long.FRIENDS need your wishes for all my family,feeling very relaxed sharing my thoughts ,as cannot talk to anybody at home .