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28 December, 2012


          Hws life .My life at present  is just ruined by chilling cold .Truth is now I am hating this winter.I feel too much cold .Always a heater runs in my room. Powercut shut my room heater ,I start LPG room heater...still ,I feel cold .Sick of this cold .Not even able  to craft .Fingers are stiff.
But I have to craft........becoz my daughters birthday is coming.
December and April are my Favourite month...and on 30 of this month is my daughter's birthday ,so I wanna make scrap page which I will frame for her.Its not surprise for her.She is back from hostel and due to winter ,I can't find any other room besides mine bed room, so I can't  hide from her. Finally  I decided to craft infront of her...and yesssss,she contributed in mentioning what she is liking and what not .Phewwwww tough job
From last to days checking out Youtube for mix media tutorial and after learning ,a little bit from videos .I made this mix media scrap page.Love in with this art.wanna learn more.
For this I made gesso in home (searched by googling )

For this scrap page ,I used this kit from Lulupu. All flowers are handmade.
What I did step by step-
(1)Took  floral PP of daughters choice from kit.
(2)Took photo of hubby's choice.
(3)Cut the photo in 11 by 11 cm square.
(4)Traced out photo out line on upper left corner of page,then cut the square piece and distressed the square with my nail filer to get torned edged.
(5)On same floral PP ,I cut out those five flags ,and placed a dark striped PP below those by toring unevenly.
(6)Used gesso at all over the edges of page, and on dark striped PP.
(7)Adhered my photo with striped torned PP lining and sticked on blank square with mating of plain dark brown card sheet.
(8)Sticked stickers from kit on ribbon flag.
(9)Glued lace(handmade by MIL),flowers,rhinestones,pearl lace and chipboard letters to write her name-MAHEK.
Please do leave your comment on my first try of mix media.
Happieee news.........Today I got my black berry phone also .......Pictures are clicked by phone .Here are pictures.