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22 September, 2013


Hiiiiiiiii friend s,
Its long time i am logging from my desk top and making post on blog . Many problems and main issue voltage problem here at my home .
Flowers always fascinate,and yess I am love in making flowers these days . Great thanks to Rajni chwala di ,she told me about inking verbally ,when we had small talk on phone .What a fantastic lady she is ...ready to help always and will easily explain you as if you are kid to her.Thanks a lot "di"
Made so many flowers with lot of inking ...yess distress inks and and yess at present they  fancy me .Style , I have no particular sytle ..I love to learn every new thing whether that is crafting , cooking , learning new things,online games, ..any thing .At present crafting is my main love and flower making is on peak .You those wh are my friend on FB may have seen many flowers i made and posted there.
What I crafted today is card with handmade flower .Please have a look.

Submiting to -lulupu
itsy bitsy (my2 "P "are pattern paper and posy)