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18 April, 2012


Hi friends, today morning i was busy with this card, for pie lane stencil challenge,and co incidenly on the same time my friend "neha jain "messeged me about my winning goodie bag at pie lane. I jumped out of chair "wow".what a good news.I am WINNER
I do not have any stencil ,so for making a stencil card,previously I tried using negatives ,but due to liquidity of colours I failed. I thought making stencil card would be easy but seriously I found it difficult,with water colours and paper negatives,but today my eyes catched  a stencil of appartus of chemistry lab brought by my son .He is  now in grade 7 and chemistry is a new subject for him .So I decided to make card for my son giving him "Best Wishes "to cop with new subject.
For making this ,I directly used thick colour from tube and added little bit of glitter,which together give bubbly look .
I used bright colors(my son love bright colours)
I added a string to give it hanging look ,( we can see  charts oftenly in class rooms in this way)

I added plastic transparent sheet over it as cover to give look of glass(appartus are of glass always).On the plastic sheet I traced outline of utensil to give overall perfect look.

This is stencil I used for this card.Hope you all will like it.all stuff used for this card is local purchase.

MONDAY, APRIL 16, 2012