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28 June, 2012


Hi friends ,
Not good days for my family and me .I got severe pain in ear last night ,tomorow Iwent to doctor ,he gave steroid injection as their is so much swelling in ear ,due to jaw fracture...becoz of injection my pain was totally gone for yesterday night and I was fresh and did'nt felt sleepy whole night ..........what I did ? Crafted CD -ALBUM  for my daughters friend.Pics of that I will post afterwards ,when my daughter will fill all her sentiments . Here this post is for project for BGC,which i created today .
For this ,I used food foil empty box ,it can be gifted to dear ones with stuff inside,and as I decorated it for theme "sun sand and beach ........so,can be gifted to one who going on beach.Blue bubble paper is on box itself ,I added digi,(person lying in sun)colouring by my faber castle pencil colours.For symbolising waves ,I used my new MS punch.Added some shell to cop with theme ,some sentiments and specially a medal tag''you are best"to apperciate going to beach,actually outline of medal was on box itself ,I just added white cs according to shape and wrote sentiment.Here are pics.


Hi friends ,
Not very good days for my family and me.Amazing news is my 12 year old son did a project ,without taking single help from me.Its a beautiful ship.He named it -SEA EAGLE.He used icecream stickssea shells, for this project.Love his work.Hope you all will like.Here is pic