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02 March, 2013


                      Today I am infront of you with a very different unique thing .I have seen on youtube ,they made it as in use for stick pins ...but I used my idea and made it little card holder to gift .Actually its multipurpose , it can also be used on office desk to hold visiting cards.It can also be used as personalised photo frame .I coloured the cassette case tranparent part with my nail paints randomly to give more good look to case.Placed pics of my kids who are most blessed wish of my life ."love you both".My son decided to give this to her sister as she is going to TURKEY on 20 of april -she is selected in a dance troop by UDBHAV to present INDIAN in cultural event at turkey.I do not what other sentiments my son is going to right in this cassette card case.He just wanted to gift something "which describes my daughters  best in her"She is good dancer and awesome singer ,and from age of 2 she is dancing but she did'nt got any formal traning ,as we live in small town ,but now in her school she is attending classes .Cassette case which was most available when she was young enough to dance is good present for her.Have a look at my creation.

Submiting for -CC(stamping)
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