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22 May, 2012


Hi friends,
Something went wrong with blog ....not opening properly,but now its f9.So here is post on watch which I renewed and already posted pics on FB.I found this watch laying around ,only the machine part is working and that's good news.I started renewing it,by decorating it with quilled flowers and leaves made by me, and got gorgeous results.What you all say?Plz let me know.Actually this I prepared keeping in mind a challenge hosted by Dr sonia..........but I was late.
 I used PP on base of arms as ,old paper was tored n damaged.

 Bind them together to get strong base.............
 Above the watch arm area ,are those plastic chips which i binded together and covered with PP ,and now can be used for photo display.

 Complete look ...........SORRY for bad pictures(don't know what happened)

Closer look of quilled flowers
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