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23 February, 2012

A NEW STYLE -can i do it.

Hi friends
             Today ,I am showing you card of new style (its new for me).I think its called vintage, I don't know i am suceeded or not you guys let me know about it.For making this card ,I used a tored news paper piece and dyed it with tea water to get a particular old paper look.I used Indian post card ,and distressed it with my own sketch pen style.I highlighted quote by ""Brendon Burchard"" on card----"At the end of our lives,We all ask,Did I Live?Did I Love?Did I Matter" with this heart touching quote card well goes with sentiment "for you and sorry".News paper also have the same subject related to life , love and your existence.Here is my card.

Flowers i used by punching same paper.attached button and thread to it.