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11 February, 2012


Hi friends

Today iam here again with card i made ,Its a shaker card ,I saw on youtube ,but there is little bit change .I saw a paper CD cover laying around .I used it too make shaker card.Its shaker card but i can't shoot video so i can't show you shaking .....but its shaker. OK..
This one is not final card ,i showed this to you all to get your point of view about decorative piece.
 I used yellow card stock for base ,then i used purple backing paper on it.and then , I placed CD cover paper(total 3 layers of paper) which i shaded with yellow colour by using sketch rifill with foam piece to give effect as i have seen all crafter doing with distress ink..You can see image below.
First i used pink large decorative stone for decoration,but then i changed my mind and used yellow decorative(hat)piece.I used golden thread tag below it.Looking nice.....naa..... ..What you all say pink is better or yellow ...but in my final card i kept it with yellow..... I liked it toooooooooo much.