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18 October, 2012


Hi friends,
Yesterday I was busy in learning wallet box from youtube and trying to make it.Probably ,I would have end up with it in night .........but , I got a birthday party invitation from close friend of my hubby,around 5:30 pm.I did'nt thought of making anything ,for a man ,but my hubby insisted me to make a card for his friend "the birthday boy".starting at 6 pm with no power and in invertor light ,I made a MALE card.Finished it somewhat around 6:45pm.but the sad thing is ,I did'nt took picture of it as, I was busy in household evening work and to get ready for party.I took photo in my friends house (party venue) via IPAD ...and the ipad give worst photos in room or low light ...does'nt have flash., but gives awesome pics in daylight .So here are those bad pictures.
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