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09 October, 2012

butterfly punch flower

Hi friends ,waking up in morning was with headache becoz of powercut .Half midnight generator also slept favouring services to us .....but still in mind anita's blog post which is creating excitment .Look at post here .You all will get cheered.Beside headache ,I thought of crafting /trial.So I started with JEF butterfly punch,obviously inspired from anita .Her flower is very beautiful,mine is just trial,so I made only white without distressing /colouring ...but will work on it.ANITA waiting for your views desperately ,as I saw your and idea clicked in my mind.Here are pictures.

I know have to work lot on this ...but suggesion are heartily welcomed.the blue flower is daisy punch flower.


  1. This is so pretty, try shading a bit. But thanks you have really made it well.

    1. thanks ,yaa i want to colour ,will do soon...power cut is hectic ,so delaying my work.this is just trial.

  2. hey not bad... color it.. would give it more definition..!!

  3. This is beautiful Megha love how you used the butterfly

  4. Great idea ! I think if you emboss them a bit they will look even better !