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06 May, 2012

Scrapbooking month -candy !!

Its national scrapbooking month !!! 
(in US yes ! but we need some reason to celebrate too dont we ?)
yeyy! so with that said :) 
Aditya, from Imaginations Online 

Has organized a Candy !!
Here is ur chance to enter 
all the best !! :)


  1. hello, firstly thank you for writing in. The reason i gave you the link as I am about to come up with a giveaway and loads of fun activities. So slowly and steadily I am inviting fellow bloggers so that they can receive gifts , surprises and soon to come giveaway.

    Thanks once again.

  2. http://kukiesbasket.blogspot.in/p/shareaway_02.html

    Thank you